In England, where I currently live, there are many ornamental gardens and very few Vietnamese people, which is one reason I was glad to meet the poet Ocean Vuong in Milan.

—"Ocean Vuong, Reluctant Optimist," Literary Hub


“haha,” Frances responds, followed by “are you breaking up with me”: truly a lol to keep from crying.

—"Sally Rooney Wants to Start the Revolution," Literary Hub


I had reached the end of a question I was trying to answer in those stories. And that was: 'Do I really want to be here?' Because the only other option is to die. And I was like, 'Ok. I’ll stick it out. So what comes next?'

Interview with Ottessa MoshfeghThe White Review


I think that every time of life has its own kind of language.

Interview with Elif BatumanThe White Review


"Baby, I'll behave, if you let me stay," she drawls cynically over the driving bass beat. "Please don't think that I'm begging you for love."

—"Tei Shi On the Nostalgia and Anxiety That Built Her New Album," Lenny